How to Use Narrativ Chrome Extension

Step 1. Select a product

Navigate to any merchant that sells the product you want to SmartLink and click the Narrativ extension button.


Step 2. (Optional) Select a channel

Selecting a channel will filter existing articles to those created in that channel. If you don’t select a channel, none will be assigned.


Step 3. Associate the product link with the story name

You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Create a new article link

  • Type the article name and date next to the gold “+” button, then click CREATE + LINK to create the link and the article.

  • Distinguish links for newsletters by creating them in the Newsletter channel and naming your newsletter articles “[Newsletter] [Date]”.

  • See SmartLink Naming Conventions for more best practices in naming articles.


2. Select from the list of existing articles

  • Select a channel to filter articles in that channel.

  • Scroll through the drop down box and click LINK next to the article where you want to generate a link.