Sending and Receiving Data

Data formats

The API is accessed via HTTPS at . Use JSON when sending data to API endpoints that require it. Remember to specify Content-Type: application/json in the request headers.

When sending URLs, make sure to use the complete link, including the http:// or https:// part.

Timestamps are formatted according to the ISO 8601 standard, using the UTC time zone, and are precise to the nearest second. For example, 2017-07-26T19:48:25Z.

Response fields

API responses will always contain a few standard fields:

  • info: An object containing general information about the request/response:

    • error: true if something went wrong with the API request, or false if everything is okay.

    • status: The HTTP status code, repeated here for convenience.

  • data: A list of resources returned by the request.

  • error: If an error occurred, this object will contain detailed information about the problem.

    • code: A number categorizing the error.

    • message: A string describing the specific error.